Sunday, January 6, 2013

Student Academic Goals

Just a quick post to share the goals worksheets I made for my students.  In the past, I've always used the return to school to focus on goal-making. We've discussed the tradition of making resolutions for the new year and talked about taking our goals a step further to outline what we need to do to meet them.  I love reading my students' goals and I've never set parameters around them so it's always interesting to find out what they what to achieve--from becoming a better ballet dancer to learning an instrument, to reading chapter books.

Ever since we started following the Charlotte Danielson Framework in our school district, I feel I've had to hone in more on connecting everything to academics.  While I understand the importance of academics (of course), I also love teaching kindergarten because I have felt more ability to focus on the child as a whole.  As each year passes, I feel like the concept of nurturing the child as a whole is getting more and more squeezed out of my schedule to make room for more minutes of academic instruction time.  It saddens me.

But, I digress.  What I have decided to do this year, in the spirit of connecting my lessons to the core subjects I am charged to teach, and in the spirit of being considered 'Innovative' per the framework we use, I am going to focus my students on creating goals in relation to the core subjects.  I only teach Literacy and Social Studies this year, so I created them for Reading and Writing, but I also plan to teach other subjects again next year so I also created one for Math for use in the future.  I think you could go on to create them for Science, Social Studies, behavior, etc. but that's more of a summer goal for me.

I wish I could take full credit for these but I can't.  I first saw these on Melissa Clancy's site,  What?  I'm not obsessed.  I just love her ideas!!  (Okay, maybe I'm a little obsessed with her ideas).  She created a version for these three subjects and I used them as a template to create my own.  Her originals are free to download here.  My version is free to download here. And, if you want to download a modifiable version in .doc to meet your curriculum/teaching points more specifically, I have a $2 version available here.

School tomorrow is making me feel nervous!  Getting into the swing of things is going to be a huge challenge.  Good luck to all those in the same boat!

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  1. I really like how they're organized! Simple yet profound!

    Our district moved to the Danielson model this year.

    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties