Friday, July 6, 2012

Kindergarten Math assessment--aligned with Common Core

Even though I'm not going to be teaching Math next year, I am excited to announce that I've revised my popular Kindergarten Math Assessment aligned with State standards to align with the Common Core Standards.  The former version is widely used by Kindergarten teachers in my district and, now that we are switching to Common Core standards in my state, it made sense that I should revise it so it can continue to be used.  I did not really advertise it before since I had already shared it with people in surrounding districts as well as my own and it wasn't of use to anyone outside of my state. However, now that it's aligned with standards that most states are using, I'm very excited to share it with everyone.  I've been using it (in its former version) for the past three years and it's been the most comprehensive and useful assessment I've ever created.

The 25-question assessment includes a recording sheet with room to record up to four assessment period on one sheet. As such, it allows you to see what the student has mastered already so you can skip assessing them on it with each subsequent testing period.  It comes with a supply sheet with basic items on it like pattern blocks, unifix cubes, a lap whiteboard and marker, and a collection of 3-D shapes, etc.  Not only do I think it's the absolute easiest to assess with and use for record keeping purposes--I also think it is an excellent way to guide you in what you need to be sure you're teaching your students to meet the common core standards, regardless of your district's chosen curriculum.

You can purchase this assessment in my TpT store. You can also download a preview of it for free, which includes 3 of the total 5 pages at that same link. Here is a screen shot of one page of the assessment which is not included in the preview:

You can also download the class recording sheet to identify students who still need work in certain strands and to aid you in pulling small groups for additional learning opportunities.  This sheet is free!
**UPDATE August, 2013: I have updated this assessment to include an end-of-year independent student assessment so you can assess the whole class at once!  I do NOT recommend you use the independent assessment prior to the end of the year, as it will not yield accurate results with non-readers.  Also, when giving the independent assessment, I advise you to read each question aloud, invite students to talk to you if they cannot understand the question, and to assess students individually one-on-one on any questions they answered incorrectly to determine that it was not because of reader error.  The makeup of your students may not be ready for an independent assessment, even at the end of the year.  Use your best judgment.

**UPDATE #2 August, 2013: I have created a first grade math assessment aligned with CCSS.  It includes the end of year independent kindergarten assessment for use at the start of the year to determine if some students have not yet met kindergarten standards. The first grade assessment in this kit is an independent student assessment and comes with year-long recording sheets for each student to determine which standards have been mastered and which need to be focused on as well as strategy/concept grouping graphic organizers to aid you in pulling small groups based on the concept not yet mastered.

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